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I am Ruth Louise.
Born in Paramaribo, Suriname (1972)

A country in South America which is largely (95%) covered with unspoiled tropical rainforest, is 5 times as large as the Netherlands and only has about 600.000 inhabitants.
The population of Suriname is characterized by a high level of diversity. We are a true rainbow nation and part of the Caricom trade union.
At a very young age, I moved from Paramaribo with my parents, to be raised in a small city in the Netherlands. During studies I went to live in Amsterdam and stayed there, up until 2015, when I decided to move back to my birth country and rebuild my life in a tropical environment. No more winters, less people and more space were a few of the reasons I chose to leave the Netherlands and start a new adventure in my home country. Since then I have encountered many fruitful business opportunities in Suriname and the Caribbean and I am happy every day for making the choice to move back and live and work in the sunshine.

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